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moAbout Meir Osipov

With decades of experience in the oil trading and kosher catering industries, Meir Osipov has the unique ability and insight to orchestrate deals and negotiations that help everyone involved come out successful.

Currently Meir Osipov works directly with the oil product supplier, LLC NNK Export from Bashkortostan Republic. He also works directly with Danil Nikolaevic Basharov, who is the owner of the company and main refinery and producer, TAT NEFT.

However, the oil trading business is not the only area where he possesses skills and expertise. For over two years, he has also been an executive officer at the Meir Kosher Affair Catering in the York Region. His keen business insight allows him to find and take unique business opportunities such as this, ensuring his long term success in current and future ventures.

As a shrewd business man, Meir Osipov is constantly searching for new, exciting opportunities in the business world. While his main area of expertise lies in the oil industry, his business prowess has made it possible for him to take the business skills he has gained with real, hands-on experience, and invest in and grow new, successful businesses and companies.

Between the years of 1966 and 1978, Mr. Osipov earned his Mechanical Drafting CAD/CADD in Russia and Israel. This was the starting foundation for the businessman he has transformed into today. While he is always dedicated to his business’s success, Osipov also takes time to help causes he believes in, including the Org Com fundraising effort, which he has been an active member of since 2014. This is a committee of former Russian Jews in Canada who are working to acquire funds for educational efforts. Other causes that are close to Meir’s heart include health and children.

Today, Mr. Osipov is dedicated to the continued growth of his business to ensure he leaves a legacy and a name that will be remembered. To help his business grow and develop further, Osipov has taken time to learn several languages, including English, Hebrew, Russian, and Gorsky Evreiski.

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