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Catering Company

At Meir Kosher Affair Catering the staff believes that consuming delicious food is only one way to excite your palate. Taking the time to enjoy what you eat is also about the smell of the food and how it looks. When you take the time to enjoy these things, you will find the sweet and savory dishes you love are enhanced significantly.

Meir Kosher Affair Catering has the ability to provide delicious food for a small luncheon of 50 or a huge wedding party of 500. The company aims to cater to both the traditional, gourmet critic, as well as the more contemporary cooking aficionado, ensuring you can enjoy professional, white glove service, during each step of the process.

With a staff that has years of food service and catering experience, you can feel confident when this business is hired. The Meir Kosher Affair Catering company is proud to offer quality food options and provides peace of mind that only the highest quality kosher ingredients are used for the foods created. The staff also follows strict standards regarding the kosher food preparation and the Jewish dietary laws that are in place.

If you want to find a quality caterer that offers kosher food items that not only meets the guidelines and requirements of the Jewish people, but also makes delicious food, then the only caterer you need to call is Meir Kosher Affair Catering.

While Meir Osipov is still fairly new to the kosher catering business, he is a shrewd business man, which means you can feel confident that when you use the services of his catering company, Meir Kosher Affair Catering, they are going to deliver the food options that you want, ensuring your total satisfaction.

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